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[fanmix] System error: reality - Kyuhyun / Zhou Mi

[fanmix] System error: reality
pairing: Kyuhyun / Zhou Mi
rating: pg13 - R
genre: angst, AU, romance
disclaimer: I only own the drabbles and edits. The idea of fanmixes is not mine, and neither are the original photographs. The people mentioned in the fanmix obviously do not belong to me.
summary: Just press play, darling, and rewind.
A/N: ... why yes, I have a very varying taste in music. Basically "put your player on shuffle and write while the song plays" is what happened here. 

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[fic] Burning hot - kyuhyun/zhou mi

Title: Burning hot
Rating: PG13? [for language and really vague mentions of other things] 
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Disclaimer: Last time I checked, I didn't own the boys
Summary: Kyuhyun has fever 
Warnings: ... no beta, and a non-native author. Please deal with me and my silly grammar errors
More: ... for kyuclam because she's my darrling. 

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♡ The Book of Love ♡ - Zhou Mi support project

 So, we have a project going on. For Zhou Mi, I have thought that we could craft him a book filled with things that make him smile. A book of Love is the project name, and I hope this tells you the essential meaning and overall line of the book. I wish you could help me to fill this book with such things. 

But why are we doing this? Recently, Zhou Mi's sina blog [weibo] got hacked, and now he has had to quit using it. The media is after him, the anti-fans are bolder than ever. I sincerely hope we can do this to show him that there is not only hate, but also love and support for our Honey Prince. As it will be a birthday present for him, I hope we can include birthday wishes and generally more happy stuff in it, not remind him of the events that are currently in the media. 

Book of Love should be filled with :
  • photographs of Zhou Mi [concerts, weibo, Zhou Mi with other members - just as long as they are happy pictures] 
  • supportive messages telling how much there is love for him - probably both translated and in English [nothing dirty, though!]. 
Because the book is supposed to be for his birthday, it would be nice if you could word your message thinking that it's April, not January. We don't want to remind him of the bad stuff he's been going through, so it  would be nice if the messages would not concentrate on the hacking. But tell Zhou Mi why he is special, why we like him - positive things about him, birthday wishes, etc. 
    ★ ari_enne and doumyoujitsukas are willing to translate the birthday love messages here

  • Also, if you are capable of drawing fanart - it would be lovely if we’d get to fill the book with pictures for Zhou Mi. Those that we have drawn ourselves.
both digital and traditional art are approved. If you can, please print  it or include it in your crafted page, but it's completely okay if you want to send it to me via tumblr askbox, or link it to me here on livejournal. It is, although, approved if you could send it to me via mail. 
  • Aphorisms of life, perhaps? Little things about life, everything supportive~ [things Super Mario, Hello Kitty, leopard printed stuff, high fashion, song lyrics - the options are endless~ ]
  • Short stories of Zhou Mi the Koala and his vegetable/animal friends
It would be really lovely if we got some stories included, but please keep them pg [nothing dirty, nothing angsty, and without any obvious pairings beyond friendship]. Just.. something nice that would make him smile? (: You can send your stories to me via tumblr askbox, or to Arienne's post page, where it will get translated sooner. 
  • Just.. in general, if you have any ideas, please do tell me? (: 
EDIT! If you just can, it would greatly help if you could  make a crafted page/pages yourself [preferred!] - a card, something, you can also send it to me via mail. Another option, is to send it to Ruth, who lives in the UK,  [I have linked you to her tumblr askbox, where you can ask her address]. Ruth will then ship the pages to me. If you want to participate like this, just send me an ask and I will give you an address where you can send your craft. Just note that the maximum size is A4 [8x11] - the usual size of paper, so it shouldn't be too hard to find something of that size. It can be smaller too, though - the more love we can fit in this book, the better~
  • The costs of sending a letter will of course vary on its weight and where do you send it from (I think?), but hopefully you don't find this too expensive - it shouldn't be more than a few dollars, max. Probably not even that. 
  • The book has 40 A4-sized pages, so we have to fill either 40 or max 80 pages. This will be a tough job, so I hope we'll get as many pages done as possible. 

★ I hope we could send this to him as soon as possible, but it will probably have to be a birthday present. [his birthday is April 19]

important! If you know anyone who is in contact with the people organizing baidu projects or other SS3 projects, or can get in contact with comeone who can deliver this to Zhou Mi, please do contact me?
  • For now, I have asked if AA-Chan could help us to deliver this to Zhou Mi when the time comes, but if he refuses, any help would be greatly appreciated. 

For now, let's say that the sooner you can send me your crafted page / message / fanart / whatever you choose to do, the better. It will take some time to ship, and I need to see how many pages there are left / organize the posts and send it forward, and this will all take time.  Another deadline extension: Please send your page before March 1st~

In order to get the address where you can ship your page, send me a PM. 

To make things a bit simpler, lets do a quickie.
  • vintagentleman  - all the general stuff, just if you want to send anything concerning the Book of Love, I am here for you. Askbox is the fastest way, but also livejournal works.
  • doumyoujitsukas  - will translate your birthday wish to Zho
  • ari_enne  - will translate your koala!Zhou Mi adventures with vegetable/animal friends. [short stories without nothing dirty, too obvious pairings or anything angsty.] I would love if we could get people to write something. (:
  • misslemonbar  - if you need to ship something and for a reason or another don’t want to send it straight to Finland, Ruth is the person you ask for.  As well as for me, the fastest way to get Ruth's attention is through her tumblr askbox
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hello, 你好, hejpådej, مرحب, bonjour, 今日は, ciào, 안녕하세요

 Hello, I think it's a time for an intro post. ✩ My name is not really Pumpuli, but people have taken a habit of calling me that. Most often shortened as Pums, Pumski or Pumsie. I don't really care which one, but please, do not call me Puli~ Beyond everything else, I am a dreamer. You will soon get to notice that my life has swamped, I'm pretty much drowning up to my ears, and I enjoy my life exactly how it is. Now the daily doses of what I do mostly consist of Super Junior and other Korean pop. I have promised to believe, love, and protect, so you should keep that in mind. I also keep the faith, even if I'm not that much of a Cassiopeia, I must admit. But as I am a hard-core everlasting friend, one thing I do not accept. Bash the fifteen and you're immediately on my black list. (: Otherwise, I will most likely like you. 

 There are things in this world that make me happy; the little things, such as seeing even a single grey crow - I swear I'm in love with those birds- or a smile that is meant to be shared. I live off on minuscule things, I'd say. ✩

I like apples. I like the sea, I adore all kinds of teas and cappuccino. If I could, I would ship myself to China or South Korea or whatever part of the world that man is currently staying at, and feed him muffins and cupcakes and so much love it would definitely be "enough". I'm talking about the ever-so-lovely and flamboyant fruitcake hero of Super  Junior, 周覓 / 周觅 / Zhou Mi. ♥
I'm from Finland, and that's a point you would probably like to remember when you stumble across my grammar and/or spelling mistakes, but I hope this won't become an issue to any of us. I like the country, though it is a bit too windy every now and then, and people really don't joke (too much) about how harsh the climate is at winter time. 

There are things that irate me about life and people. The thing that does this the most, is definitely the lack of respect.  I don't care what 'race' you are, where are you from, who do you sleep with or what do you believe in. As long as you respect others, I will be your friend. And no, I am not only talking about respecting celebrities (I know it's a serious issue too, you know I'm a mitang.), but respecting people as people. Not colors, numbers, sexual orientations or objects. (: 

Oh. And this will most likely to be a journal especially dedicated to writings, possibly original ones and especially fanfiction.